Läckeby Products


Drum screens

Läckeby Products manufactures and sells Roto-Sieve drum screens, which separate solid particles and fibres from liquids, with a self-cleaning function that delivers very good results and minimises maintenance.


The decanter

Decanters from Läckeby Products are based entirely on gravity and differen-tial pressure. The decanting pipe has evenly distributed decanting holes to create an even flow. Maximal clean water is always decanted.


Shaftless screw

Shaftless screw presses from Läckeby Products are developed and dimen-sioned for heavy duty and efficient dewatering. The design is based on long experience and both minimises and simplifies maintenance work.


Piston press

Roto-Sieve piston presses from Läckeby Products combine the good dewatering capacity of a screw press with the capability of a hydraulic press to lift and transport the dewatered material. This is made possible by the drive system’s flexibility.


Suction and Scrape

Läckeby Products offers several different sedimentation products for taking care of sedimented sludge.

Läckeby Water Solution Components



Läckeby Products has different types of drum screens and they are used for separation of particles, fibers and other solids. When the raw water contains of lightweight solids or particles of low density, the decanter is recommended. If dewatering is required, the shaftless screw press or the piston press can provide the solution. For removing sludge in waste water treatment, both suction and scrape techniques are applied for sludge removal.


Läckeby Products develops and manufactures high quality products for efficient heat recovery and mechanical particle separation. Thanks to their high level of knowledge and long experience of manufacturing, quality and

performance of their products

are guaranteed. Their products can be customized to each customer’s unique requirements and construction. Efficient energy recovery and optimum wastewater treatment are important arguments from both environmental and economic perspective.