As a water aid project, ICRC aquired a containerized ecological water treatment plant in 2010 to be installed in Rumonge, Burundi. Capacity: 50 m3 water per hour; a predecessor of the SC1100. The plant has been in operations since june 2010 by REGIDESO.



Production of drinking water, purified by Josab ecological water treatment system.


The Nigerian Army's field hospital personnel prepare the Josab's predecessor of SC100 ecological treatment system for operation.

Ambo - Ethiopia

SAFAB, together with the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, launched a demonstration project where Josabs ecological water treatment will be shown at different locations in Ethiopia. The first was in Ambo where drinking water production were demonstrated.

Workshop - Ethiopia

A workshop was held in Ethiopia with three guests of honor: H.E, Ato Tesfaye Fichala, Special advisor to the Minister Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electric City, and H.E. Jan Sadek, Ambassador, Embassy of Sweden, and H.E. Tomas Askinger, CEO at SAFAB.

Filowha Spa - Ethiopia

The second location were at Filowha Spa in the center of Addis Ababa. where the waste water from the Filowha Spa is treated by Josabs ecological treatment system.

Josab in Sudan

An informative film about Josab International AB ecological water treatment solutions for the Sudanese market.

For further information please go to to find the Josab ecological water solutions.

Demonstration at Hilton Addis Ababa

We have just concluded a demonstration at Hilton Addis Ababa. Where we succeed to remove algea and reduce Iron Manganese to avoid discoloration of the pool water.